TSA awards $199 million contract to Accenture Federal Services

Although the DoD plays a key role in national security, it is not the only department awarding contracts. The US Department of Homeland Security also plays a vital role in national security. This fall, DHS will celebrate 20 years of protecting Americans at home. And part of that mission is to protect air traffic. This week, Accenture Federal Services (AFS), a subsidiary of Accenture, won a 10-year, $199 million contract from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), DHS, to provide a wide range of IT services in support of the TSA’s Secure Flight. System.

Screening program as part of national security

Secure Flight is a risk-based screening program that improves security by matching passenger names against trusted traveler lists and government watch lists.

“TSA’s Secure Flight system identifies low- and high-risk passengers before they arrive at the airport. It does this by synchronizing watchlist and intelligence information with traveler information and passenger reservation data,” said Maurine Fanguy, AFS Executive Director and Head of DHS. “AFS will improve the system by incorporating emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, into this essential program.”

Accenture Federal Services Agreement with TSA

Under the Secure Flight Systems IT Services Agreement, which spans one base year and nine option years, AFS will provide IT services to design, test and maintain the Secure Flight system. Ultimately, the goal is to transition the passenger screening system from its current architecture to open-source technologies to reduce the program’s operating costs while improving security and maintaining its commitment to the law. passenger privacy.

“AFS has been responsible for implementing the TSA Secure Flight program since November 2018,” said Anthony Pinheiro, AFS Managing Director and Head of TSA. “We are proud of the many successes that have resulted from our partnership with the TSA and are excited to continue to help the agency optimize safety on domestic and international commercial flights.”

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