Research, Illness and Discrimination + How Freshmen Can Get Jobs

Research, Illness & Discrimination + How Freshmen Can Get Jobs Without Experience + Doctorate Abroad – The Shekhar Suman Show Ep 9

Dear Biotechnikians

We are back with the 9th episode of The Shekhar Suman Show. It is India’s first bioscience talk show. There is a new question, a new point of view that can be discussed. Let’s see how we can make a difference.

In this episode, we will listen to alopecia and disease-based discrimination. So Shekhar asks us some interesting, thought-provoking questions.

Mr. Suman explains that research is not sufficiently focused on so many issues that plague our society and lead to discrimination. We also look at the dilemma of students who are always looking for such cool jobs. So, the valuable tips that have been shared are

a. Do a certification course
b. Try to get some practical training
vs. Make a Internship as well

Then we come to the subject of PhD in India or Abroad.

And post Mr. Shekhar Suman shares how you can increase your scientific temperament? What is research innovation and how should you start thinking outside the box? Log in to find

which books you can consume to increase your scientific abilities.

Join Mr. Shekhar Suman and listen to what he has to say. These short heart-to-heart episodes are meant to give you food for thought and maybe just try to ignite a young mind.

In the eighth episode, we discuss – Research, disease and discrimination + How freshmen can get a job without experience + Doctorate abroad

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