Police arrest fake work racket and seize 20 liters after raids | Hyderabad News

Hanumakonda: In a joint operation, detectives from Subedari Police Task Force and Mills Colony busted a workplace fraud racket on Monday with the arrest of two people and seized Rs 20.50 lakh in cash, written exam and medical clearance letters, call letters for a computer test, fake IDs, a car, and four cell phones.
The defendants were identified as SK ghouse and Yerrabelli Satish. Another fugitive accused has been identified as Krish alias Pradip Lohar from Bankura, Kolkata in West Bengal. The police arrested Md Ghouseand Yerrabelli Satish based on credible information. The duo had collected around Rs 4 crore from 25 victims.
Speaking to the media, Police Commissioner Dr Tarun Joshi said: “Fraudsters swindled money from unemployed youngsters under the guise of jobs such as Bill Collector, Reservation Clerk, Attendant, Group-D, Group-C in South-Central Railway Department and FCI (AG-III, AG-IV). They used to collect around Rs 6 lakh to Rs 20 lakh per person depending on the job.
After receiving money from the victims, the accused gave them a training order and asked them to undergo a medical examination. The defendants also said they could provide Indian Railways jobs and then introduced the victims to another defendant, Krish, who claimed to provide Kolkata Railways jobs. The trio intentionally deceived the victims and provided them with fake medical slips and fake ID cards.
The defendants spent the money on their lavish habits. The accused SK Ghouse had purchased a four-wheeled vehicle with the amount received from the victims. He also used the money to produce a movie that has yet to be released.
After realizing the truth, the victims contacted Ghouse and demanded that their money be returned to them. However, the accused began to threaten the victims.


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