Office of Pharmaceutical Administration Announces Arrangement of Services During Extended Consolidation Period

MACAO, July 29 – During the extended consolidation period between July 30 and August 1, the Bureau of Pharmaceutical Administration (ISAF) will continue to provide limited services to the public during office hours to minimize crowding and risk of virus transmission:

1. For the following essential services, please make an appointment by calling 8598 3507.

(1) Issuance of prior import authorization and import license for medicines, diagnostic and laboratory reagents, infant formulas/ready-to-use formulas and disinfectants, as well as customs clearance inspection of these products.

(2) Issue of import and export certificate for narcotics and psychotropic substances.

2. For the following services, please make an appointment by calling the following numbers.

(1) Drug registration applications, pharmaceutical product advertisements and product classifications: 2883 1906

(2) Application for approval of pharmaceutical professionals and approval of pharmaceutical activity establishments: 8598 3522

(3) Pharmacovigilance and quarterly reporting of controlled substances: 8598 3525

(4) Other Services: 8598 3508

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