North Section of CSVT Project Opens to Traffic Thursday | Roads and traffic

UPDATE July 7, 11 a.m.:

Part of CSVT’s new northern section has been opened to southbound traffic, according to PennDOT.

The new southbound lanes are open between the new Ridge Road interchange in Northumberland County and the existing Route 15 in Snyder County. (The bridge is open in both directions.)

Tomorrow, Friday, July 8, the remaining portion of the new road will open to southbound traffic from the existing Route 147 at the north end of the project.

The northbound lanes opened to traffic earlier this morning.

Point Township, Pennsylvania — It will be a moment many residents of north-central Pennsylvania have long awaited: the opening of the northern section of the Susquehanna Central Valley Transportation Project.

From Thursday, the northbound lanes will be open. Southbound lanes are expected to open late Friday, according to PennDOT.

The North Section of the CSVT Project is a $670 million project that spans 13 miles and connects Route 147 south of Montandon to US 15 south of Winfield in the north, and US 15 south of Winfield to US 11/15 north of Selinsgrove which includes a connector from the new freeway to Route 61 (Veterans Memorial Bridge). Construction of the North Section began in 2016. The North Section is expected to help ease traffic flow in Lewisburg and Northumberland.

The centerpiece of the northern section is the River Bridge which spans the West Branch Susquehanna River and is 4,545 feet long. It comprises 15 spans, with piers varying in height from approximately 60 feet to 180 feet. Its cross section includes eight steel beams approximately 10 feet high. It was built with approximately 50,000 cubic yards of concrete and approximately 20,000 tons of steel. It is PennDOT’s eighth longest bridge. On June 25, PennDOT opened the bridge for walkers and cyclists to enjoy, drawing 6,000 people for the event.

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Construction of the southern section will begin soon at a cost of $360 million. The southern section will connect Route 15 south of Winfield to Routes 11/15 north of Selinsgrove. Environmental clearance was issued in 2019 to alter approximately two miles of the project alignment to avoid fly ash waste ponds near the Shamokin Dam. After that, PennDOT began the process of acquiring rights of way.

All three phases of the southern section are expected to be completed and open to traffic by 2027. The southern terminus of the southern section will connect to the existing bypass that was built in the 1970s when CSVT’s previous incarnation, the Project bypass, started.

Motorists are advised to drive with caution when navigating the area due to changing traffic conditions. The area is also still considered an active work area.

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