Kerala Police Raises Fees For Services Like Mic License, Movie Shooting | Kerala News

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Police has announced a sharp increase in fees for using its services and obtaining various permits. For example, the police microphone license will now cost 660 rupees instead of the existing 330 rupees. Similarly, political parties have to pay 11,030 rupees to make announcements on the microphone across the state for five days instead of 5,515 rupees. The police certificate fee has also been increased from Rs 610 to Rs 555.

In fact, there was an overall 10% increase in service charges. The decision was made by the state government based on a recommendation from the Chief of Police, Director General of Police Anil Kant, to increase non-tax revenue.

Filming costs

Meanwhile, film shooting fees at police stations have been increased from Rs 11,025 to 33,100. The amount to be paid for private and entertainment programs has also increased. To provide the services of station officers for these events, the new fee is Rs 3,795 for every four hours during the day and Rs 4,750 at night.

Other expenses

The fee for making announcements at the microphone in vehicles in a district will be Rs 1,110 instead of Rs 555. The fee for the services of a police dog would be Rs 6,950 per day and for the use of the post wireless from Rs 2,315.

Service charge

In addition, the government has increased a number of fees related to the Fingerprint Bureau, Forensic Laboratory, Road Accident Documents, Transfer of Vehicle Ownership to Other States and Verification Certificate employees.

Charges paid by banks and the postal service to the police to provide an escort will also be an additional 1.85%.

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