How to Navigate Your New Job After Military Transition

You have the interview and you have been selected. The first few weeks are bound to be interesting and yet stressful. This is a time when you will absorb and learn your new job. But are there specific areas you should focus on? You have benchmark military experience and now is the time to apply it to work with your new company.

8 Strategies for Your New Job After Military Transition

It’s a new job and a new life, but you’re not starting from scratch. Look at the strategies you already know how to do.

1. Examine the corporate culture

You did that in the army. Now is the time to do it again. Just like your last unit, the organization has its own personality, beliefs and values. You may have gleaned some of this from the interview, but the next few weeks will pay off if your first-hand observations are quickly incorporated into your methods and ethics.

2. Listen

The military does not attract or nurture meek people. However, during your first few weeks, be sure to gather as much information as possible before expressing your own opinions. The leaders know all this thanks to the excellent training provided by the army. You will need to prove your worth before suggesting changes within the organization.

3. Organize your benefits

While you complete all required orientation training, be sure to review and complete your benefits documentation. Work with HR and go through the basic questions and try to do it the first week. Be sure to ask about health, vision, dental insurance, sick leave, paid vacations and vacations, as well as an old 401(k).

4. Take the initiative

A great way to learn your job is to document all the details associated with your tasks if it hasn’t already been done. As you master your personal tasks and focus, find ways to help that aren’t specified in your job description. When offering a solution to perceived problems, be prepared to lead or at least participate in your solution.

5. Keep a Balanced Perspective

People and organizations have problems. Keep an open mind as you learn more about your new workplace. You may not like everything you see. Welcome others’ points of view, while maintaining a balanced perspective. Who are the informal leaders? Who’s been there the longest? You will be pleasantly surprised and sometimes you will be disappointed. Stay balanced and realize you’re in a different situation, but it’s not a bad work environment.

6. Develop working relationships

You’ve done it before and you know that building trust takes time. Get to know the people you work with so you can start building strong relationships. Have lunch or coffee with your teammates. Also continue to lead the meetings. Try to meet people from other teams and more experienced people. Look for after-work opportunities that you might enjoy with other team members.

7. Check your integrity

You can’t control what other people do, but you can control what you do. Take a strong stance against anything detrimental to the workplace, including gossip. It can be difficult because you want to look like part of the team. However, there’s no need to talk about areas or issues that don’t concern you, especially with someone who has no way to improve the situation. Don’t complain about anyone, especially behind their back. If you have a problem, go directly to this source.

8. Ask for feedback

You can gain insight by asking questions of your supervisor and team members. You can also ask for their feedback and how you are doing. You can ask, “Do you need to focus more on any particular area? How can you add more value to the team? » You don’t have to wait for an official notice.

Enjoy the ride

As you become more confident, remember that you are not an expert. Don’t allow yourself to think that you know more or that you are better than others. Instead, get coached and be eager to learn. Apply your known talents to your position and you will succeed. Just try to relax and enjoy the ride!

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