Dyson Facebook clearance sale has nothing to do with Dyson

A post on Facebook claims online retailer AO is running a clearance sale which means the price of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer – usually £399, according to the image in the post – is just £1.78.

In fact, both Dyson and AO told Full Fact it had nothing to do with them, and both companies said they asked Facebook to remove similar posts.

What the post says

The post includes what appears to be a photograph of several Dyson Supersonic hair dryers for sale in a store. The caption next to the image reads: “AO is holding a final clearance sale with Dyson in response to a desire to exit the Eastern market altogether.

“Only now you can take part in the promotion and get a Dyson Surреrsоnіс for just £1.78. Hurry!

“The expiration date of the promotion is not exactly known”

A number of comments on the post came from people claiming to have taken part in the promotion and received a Dyson hair dryer.

The post itself is from an account called Closeout, which lists its address as 180 Tottenham Court Road, London. We cannot find any company with this name and registered address at House of Companies. We also cannot find a website for such a company.

The Closeout Facebook page was created on May 22, 2022, and its only posts are this one and another related to the same promotion.

The Facebook post includes a link to a site that looks like ao.com, but starts with the domain “eslpq.za.com”.

After answering three questions and selecting a “gift box”, users are asked to “enter your data and pay auction fee to get Dyson Supersonic Hair”. This leads to another site that looks like ao.com, but has the address “thewinners-uk.online” and asks for personal information.

It has nothing to do with Dyson or AO

We contacted Dyson and AO about an identical post earlier this month, which has since been deleted.

AO said he is not affiliated with this offer and has repeatedly reported such posts on Facebook.

Dyson said it also reported the post to Facebook. A spokesperson said: “Ultimately the best way to make sure you’re buying a genuine Dyson product is to buy it direct from an official Dyson website or from a reputable Dyson product retailer.”

We often see “offers” on Facebook that turn out to be fake. Recent examples include non-existent free food stamps from Waitrose, Morrisons and Wetherspoons, and a highly dubious raffle for a Santorini holiday.

We wrote about a very similar article last year which claimed Currys was selling the same hair dryer for £1.78. Currys also said the offer had nothing to do with them.

Image reproduced with the kind permission of Mouse2020

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