Buyer is impressed after finding rowing machine in Target’s return clearance section for $9

Bargain hunter wows hundreds after snagging a high-end $150 rowing machine for just $9 – here’s how she did it

  • A bargain hunter wowed hundreds with her amazing markdown find
  • Tweed Heads mum found a Fila rowing machine at her local Target for just $9
  • She found the machine, which retails for $150, in the returns clearance section
  • It was flagged after being tagged as faulty for six missing screws

An Australian buyer has wowed hundreds with his incredible find of a rowing machine for just $9.

The bargain-hunting mum, from Tweed Heads, landed the amazing deal at her local target and shared the find in a Publish to the popular Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia.

Originally retailing for $150, the Fila rowing machine from Target had been marked as defective merchandise because it was missing “six screws” as the label stated.

A thrifty mum wowed hundreds of people online after sharing her amazing find – a $150 Fila rowing machine that’s been discounted to just $9

‘Obviously a return but there was nothing wrong with that! All the plastic was even still on! I was looking to get one of these when they were $300! So for $9, the risk was worth it,” the thrifty mom wrote.

She said she ‘couldn’t believe it’ when she found the rower that had been found to be faulty in April and had been flagged again and again in the return authorization section.

In the comments, the happy Target shopper said that upon opening it, she only found two missing screws which she replaced at home.

She said she

She said she “couldn’t believe it” when she found the rower that had been found to be faulty in April and noted again and again in the return authorization section.

Many in the comments were impressed with the “good score” with one band member saying, “Love that it’s marked $18 and no one bought it for that?! It was still super good market.

”Missing 6 screws’. I would have bought it too if that was the only problem. Well done! I think you win, ”wrote a second.

“Does this take the cake for the bargain of the year?” asked a third.


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