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We live in a world in which we all want access to lines of credit, but nobody wants to owe their soul to the bank. However, there are certain types of debt that, in fact, can be advantageous over time. The challenge lies in distinguishing a good debt from a bad one, and managing your good debts intelligently.

A good debt is one that we acquire for something that will increase its value and improve our lives in some way. Therefore, good debts are fundamentally investments in our future. On the other hand, bad debts do not really contribute to improving our lives in the long term.

There are certain types of debt that are considered good debts, such as loans for business, for studies, mortgages or loans for equity investments. But, these debts can become bad if the circumstances are not right. It is very important that you bear in mind that there is nothing that is absolutely safe or guaranteed to be a good debt, because market conditions, interest rates and many other variables can change over time.

Business loans

Business loans

Business loans are considered good debts because they are an investment in your future as a business owner. Borrow money to invest in your dream, it is a good quality investment, because nobody will work harder than you in the growth of your own business. As the business grows, it is expected to grow considerably more than the loan you initially needed.

Even so, for a business loan to become a good investment, you will need a persuasive and compelling business plan, an exceptional product or service, and an important work capacity. If you have a lack in any of these areas, the business may not survive, let alone develop. Sometimes, a business’s success has nothing to do with these factors. Sometimes, everything depends on the market and luck, both factors over which you have no control.

Credits for studies

A professional degree or a university degree are generally good debts, because they are investments in your future. People with academic training have more and better options to find employment than people who do not have a secondary or university education, and generally also get much higher salaries.

However, there are cases in which there is a lack of demand for certain professions. Sometimes, there is a large number of students graduating and not enough jobs for all of them to get one. In this type of situation, emigrating or choosing a job in a field other than the specialty of your studies may be necessary.

Real estate

Mortgages are good debts because a house is a quality investment. Real estate tends to increase in value over the years and mortgage interest is usually low compared to other types of loans. Whenever you rent a house, you must pay the rent every month without the possibility of obtaining a profit from the money, but when you have just paid a mortgage you will be the absolute owner of the house and you will not need to pay any more money.

With this in mind, mortgages can become bad debts. When people buy a house, the intention is for the property to increase its value, but sometimes the opposite occurs. Sometimes, the neighborhood can become undesirable over time, or something is built nearby that affects real estate and diminishes its value.

Real estate investment

Real estate investment

Many times people buy real estate as an investment or to rent them, so that they can make money with their investment, which is a good debt. Generally, the rent paid by the tenant covers the payment of the mortgage or a large proportion of it.

Unfortunately, a good proportion of the tenants do not take too much care of the property they are renting, and in some cases they inflict excessive damage to the property. This can cause the value of the investment to decrease and the owner has to pay thousands of pesos in repairs.

It is important to remember the fact that, although we may have a good debt, these can always become a bad debt. Another factor to consider is that, as with anything else, too much of something is harmful to you. When you are deciding whether to take on a good debt, make sure you are not overloading your capabilities and that you can take care of the payments comfortably. Never ask for more than you need, because there are no guarantees, even in regard to a good debt.


Overwhelmed by debts? Get some solutions http://www.2016clearance.com/overwhelmed-by-debts-get-some-solutions/ Tue, 23 Apr 2019 09:38:33 +0000 http://www.2016clearance.com/overwhelmed-by-debts-get-some-solutions/

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by debts? If you are like most people, you will start searching among your debts, trying to find a way to cut expenses or payments. Then you will consider a loan, or get an additional job to help you make ends meet. You can even start avoiding your bills and not opening them because you are too overwhelmed. But did you know that you can get help with your debts by hiring a credit counseling agency?

Why a credit counseling?

Why a credit counseling?

The concept of credit counseling covers many services. These include help with budgets, administration of debt plans, pre-insolvency counseling or post-insolvency training, and housing counseling services.

Most people contact a credit counseling agency seeking help with debt consolidation. One of the services offered by credit counseling is called debt plan management. Instead of consolidating debt, debt management plans consolidate debt payments.

Debt management plans and credit score

Debt management plans and credit score

People often ask me how credit counseling and debt management plans impact the credit score. When you are in a debt management plan, your creditors can add an observation to your credit report stating that you are in “credit counseling” (or a similar annotation). According to MyFico.com, participating in a credit counseling program of any kind does not impact your credit score.

A good advice will ask you to inactives or close your credit accounts, so you do not continue to incur debt. This closing of accounts can cause a temporary reduction in your credit score. However, consistently making payments on time has the most important impact on the credit score, so over time your score can improve.

Closing accounts also helps people obtain maximum benefit from their creditors. Creditors want to see that a person is really serious when trying to get out of debt before providing benefits such as reducing interest rates, stopping late charges and adjusting the status of an account to reflect it as liquid in the credit report.

The best process for your credit score is to pay the bills on time and in the manner that your creditors request. However, there are many things to consider when evaluating if a debt management plan is good for you, and your credit score is just one of them.

Are you able to pay your creditors the amounts they are asking at this time? Are you behind on any of your bills? Is a high interest rate the reason why your debt grows instead of decreasing? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, a debt management plan can help you get your finances back on track before it is too late.

What happens if I do not need a debt management plan?

What happens if I do not need a debt management plan?

Remember, credit counseling agencies offer A good number of services to help clients with their credit. Its objective is to help you determine the best way to manage your finances. Another possibility to tame your bills may be what I like to call a “personal return plan.” In a personal return plan you review your budget and determine how much money you can send (in total) to your creditors each month. Then you choose a creditor to receive a larger payment while the rest receive the minimum payment. People usually assign the largest payment either to the smallest balance or to that of the creditor with the highest interest rate. I recommend choosing any method that gives you the greatest motivation to continue paying the debts.

With a personal return plan, once you pay a creditor, you keep the amount of money you are constantly using. Allocate the money you used for the creditor already paid to another creditor on your list. This method helps you get out of debt in less time and more efficiently.

There are many ways to approach debt repayment and manage your finances. Through debt consolidation, debt management plans, personal return plans, and many more options, a credit counselor can help you make the best choice. Contact one today and find your answers.

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Quick credits, as their own name indicates, are characterized by the immediacy with which it is possible to get the money that is needed to get out of a certain hurry. But … what is really the period in which you can have the cash after starting to apply for an urgent loan? Are certain ads that ensure that the loan can be obtained in a matter of minutes? The answer to this last question is brief and concise: yes.

Quick loans, money in a matter of minutes

Quick loans,money

But analyzing in depth the term of time that a quick credit supposes, the approximate breakdown of the process of requesting an express loan would be the following one:

First phase: enter the data of the application. During the first phase of the request for a quick credit you must specify the amount of money that is needed, the time period in which you want to return the money and you have to fill in the personal data. This process does not usually take more than 10-15 minutes.

Second phase: receive the approval or denial of the loan


The second phase is the most important of all, since it is the one that decides whether the user is valid or not to receive the borrowed money he has requested. The period of time of this phase depends on the lender agent that is resorted to, although the most usual thing is to obtain an almost automatic response in a matter of minutes.

Third phase: receive the money in the account. In the event that the loan application has been approved, the next phase consists in waiting to receive the cash in the bank account. This phase depends a lot on the bank to which the user’s account corresponds. Even so, in general, the income is made in less than 24 hours after the approval of the urgent credit.As you can see, requesting an urgent loan is something that requires a few minutes. And if that were not enough, the money is paid almost immediately once the credit approval is obtained.

Personal Financial Planning in 6 Simple Steps http://www.2016clearance.com/personal-financial-planning-in-6-simple-steps/ Wed, 20 Mar 2019 10:10:24 +0000 http://www.2016clearance.com/personal-financial-planning-in-6-simple-steps/

Just as every Monday is the world day to start a new diet, all of December everyone is making plans and setting goals for the next period.

You start thinking about your health, your studies, work, relationships, trips, and also think about your pocket: how can I do everything I want if I do not have money? That’s exactly why you need personal financial planning. Surely you have already heard that money is not the problem but the solution .

The goal of creating a personal financial plan is that you can get where you want. Nothing happens that you dream of your house, a new car, your quiet retirement. But the big problem of only dreaming is just that: nothing happens.

The best way to realize your dreams is to have a concrete plan and hands-on. With these 6 simple steps you will have the right strategy to achieve your goals. What are you waiting for?

6 simple steps for good personal financial planning

1. Set goals

1. Set goals

Here you will put all your dreams and wishes . You can add wishes for your whole life, 10, 20, 50 years; but, if you prefer, you can start with your smaller aspirations only for next year, for example. The methodology of planning does not change, do not worry.

Now you need to take out dreams that are unattainable, such as being more powerful than Donald Trump, or participating in the colonization of Mars. Those who remained are going to become goals. These goals must be specific, achievable and must be linked with time . Example: I want to buy a new computer, saving € 130 per month in 10 months.

2. Make a budget


You must make a record of all your income and expenses. If you are not used to that, at the beginning it will be a little hard, but I guarantee that after a couple of months it will be automatic and you just have to win.

With your budget you will have more control of your expenses, you will identify the things that you spend the most, you will know your level of savings and you will know your ability to pay. Having this data, you can go back to your goals and adapt them.

In the budget you must detail what your income and expenses are. For expenses you can make a separation between fixed and variable. The fixed ones are those that you can not stop paying, like the rent, the supermarket, transport, etc. The variables are, mainly, all those related to hobbies and fun. They are very good things but you can live without them.

With the budget done, you will quickly know where you can cut expenses, how much money you have left, how much you can save and you can make the budget for the next month.

3. Take control of debts


Now that you have everything very detailed, it is time to attack the debts . It is not going to be easy to follow your dream path if you are carrying a weight of debt.

How much and who do you owe? Put all the meeting debts with your budget and set up an action plan to pay them.

If you are ready and without debts, you have to move on to the next step.

4. Save

4. Save

Now that you have your goals and budget, you need to define what amount you should save monthly to meet your financial goals . Take into account that saving is not what you have left, vice versa, it is an “account” as important as your fixed expenses.

There are some options that you can see in your bank that, automatically, on the date you choose, they already take out the sum indicated by you and put you in an investment account or another fund that you want. The savings will be like a “fixed expense” . After you add all the fixed expenses, there if you go to see what you have left and you can spend at leisure.

You believe that the value of your savings is not enough to reach your goals in the time you want, you can save more by increasing your income or reducing expenses. If you still do not arrive, you can change the time: instead of saving € 130 for 10 months for your new computer, save € 100 for 13 months, for example.

5. Invest

Now we come in the best part of putting the money to work for you. Besides saving, you need to invest.

Contrary to what many people think, it is not necessary to have a lot of money to start investing. There is an infinite number of possibilities to invest with little money. There is no general rule that you must follow, you must understand well what is your reality and start from there. Now you will have to study and investigate, research and study.

6. Commit yourself

Super! You came here and now? Are you going to do it all again in 6 months? Surely not. This is an exercise that you will have to do always. Like any development of a new habit, it is more painful at the beginning but later it becomes natural and easier.

Look on the positive side: is not it going to be wonderful when in a year you get to make that long-awaited trip? In three years you can buy that much-aspired car? And, in five years, the much-desired home?

Keep your dreams close to your thoughts and you will not go out of your way. Surely with good financial planning and commitment you will get where you want without any doubt. Is there any other step that you think is not in our planning? Do you have a different methodology? Do you have a good practice? Let us know and share your knowledge with us.

The unexpected happened?

Unfortunately, we know that not only is it enough to make a personal financial plan that everything is ready or resolved. Sometimes the unexpected happens and it takes us completely out of our way. For these moments, has Bunter.

With Bunter you can request personal loans online up to € 800 with a response in 15 minutes. No queues, no payroll, no endorsement, no paperwork.


The credit file is vital! http://www.2016clearance.com/the-credit-file-is-vital/ http://www.2016clearance.com/the-credit-file-is-vital/#respond Sun, 24 Feb 2019 15:25:10 +0000 http://www.2016clearance.com/2019/02/24/the-credit-file-is-vital/

The credit file is vital!

Credit is becoming more and more important in the lives of all Canadians, but unfortunately many people do not know the usefulness of credit files or the existence of both Equifax and Transunion agencies.

A consumer education on their credit report is needed, the situation is serious!

The credit file is vital!

Having a bad credit score can have serious consequences throughout the life of the consumer. Especially knowing that almost 80% of the files are wrong!

A legal vacuum surrounding the setting up, the exchange of information between the creditor and the credit bureaus and the consumer exists and disqualifies any procedure initiated by the consumer.

The creditor sends a bad note to the credit bureaus, no control process to verify the veracity of the information, the consumer is neither informed of the bad note, nor his rights to challenge such information. The worst is to know that the burden of proof to demonstrate lies on the shoulders of the consumer before any common law court, an aberration.

Moreover, the financial institution or company that decides whether or not to deal with the consumer does not inform it any more about its way of judging the credibility of the consumer and is even prohibited from disclosing any document from the credit bureaus to the customer. .

In this way, the consumer who does not regularly check his credit report suffers all collateral damage because more and more companies or stakeholders in life decide according to the information on the credit file such as:

  • financial institutions to issue a credit card, auto loan, mortgage, loan, …
  • insurance companies
  • housing owners
  • employers,

Responses can be negative to any request or products or services billed more to consumers with bad credit are below 680 FICO points. This means the score on the file that the consumer has requested from credit bureaus, not that of third parties; example that obtained by the banker who is called the BEACON and who always has on average a score lower than 40 points to the FICO.


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Take advantage of the great loan offer online http://www.2016clearance.com/take-advantage-of-the-great-loan-offer-online/ http://www.2016clearance.com/take-advantage-of-the-great-loan-offer-online/#respond Thu, 21 Feb 2019 14:40:00 +0000 http://www.2016clearance.com/2019/02/21/take-advantage-of-the-great-loan-offer-online/

Just take the initiative and make sure that just the right loan lands on your account and you can have 150 euros in a few minutes money in the account. You have it in your own hands and secure your preferred loan online!

With the great selection online, you can always have with just 150 euros money in a few minutes on the account

With the great selection online, you can always have with just 150 euros money in a few minutes on the account

Think carefully about what you expect from your loan, because on the internet you decide for yourself what your credit should look like. In addition, you will be offered a great selection of loans. Accordingly, you should be well prepared for the search for credit. Finally, the needle in a haystack is found faster, if you know exactly what you are looking for. With proper preparation, you are also more cautious and less likely to make a bad deal. So take your time and look at your financial situation. Think about how much money you need and what monthly installments you can afford. In addition, you should determine over what period of time you know exactly. Only then can you decide which loan is appropriate for your financial situation and when exactly you want to apply for it, if you want to spend 150 Euro in just a few minutes.

Find the right loan offer, so you can have 150 euros in a few minutes money in the account

Find the right loan offer, so you can have 150 euros in a few minutes money in the account

The optimal loan offer is found online quickly and you have your desired loan in the blink of an eye. Do yourself a favor and make the most of your financial situation. Take the initiative and you can have 1000 Euro money in a few minutes in the account. In just a few steps the right loan is found online and you can easily find the right loan. For example, try the websites for credit comparison. There you can compare all loans that match your financial situation. Not only do you save time and nerves when searching for credit, you can also click through to the loan application directly to the application form. This then simply fill in truthfully and leave the credit provider the rest. After all, this must decide whether you can have 150 euros in a few minutes money in the account or not.

Use the simple loan application online and you can have 150 euros in a few minutes money in the account

Now all you have to do is submit the loan application, and that’s really no problem on the internet. Because you have already found the right loan offer and now click through to the application form. If you have completed this truthfully, then send it off. The loan provider checks your loan application and your creditworthiness. If you are creditworthy, then a personalized loan offer will be sent to you. And now it’s up to you to check this carefully. Make sure that the offer is appropriate and that you know exactly what is written in the fine print. Because only then can you protect yourself from surprises and be ready for anything. If you do not like the terms of the loan or you do not understand them, you should not sign a contract. Always be careful, even if you want to have 150 euros in a few minutes on the account.


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Alternative Loan http://www.2016clearance.com/alternative-loan/ http://www.2016clearance.com/alternative-loan/#respond Sun, 20 Jan 2019 15:37:15 +0000 http://www.2016clearance.com/2019/01/20/alternative-loan/

The alternative loan

You are self-employed, you have an excellent credit record, but your reported income is less than that required by your bank, so you are not able to get a refinance loan to invest in your business? 

The alternative loan

Your credit report is tainted by delays caused by temporary situations, such as illness or loss of employment; is your project to buy a property questioned? In both cases, consult a mortgage broker. He will be able to refer you to an alternative lender to allow you to realize your projects.

What is an alternative mortgage?

What is an alternative mortgage?

This is a mortgage loan with an interest rate that is somewhat higher depending on the risk. For a person whose credit has been slightly impaired, it will probably be a temporary solution, with a one or two year term, a time frame that will allow for the re-establishment of the credit rating. The file can then be submitted to a mortgage lender offering more competitive rates. For a self-employed worker, it may be more advantageous to keep such a loan for the long term because the annual interest cost may be much lower than the tax cost of increasing reported income.

In all cases, consult a mortgage broker. He will be able to refer you to an alternative lender to allow you to realize your projects.

In all cases, consult a mortgage broker. He will be able to refer you to an alternative lender to allow you to realize your projects.


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